What matters to us


We should prioritize needs and tie every tax dollar to a measurable result. The current focus on funding levels rather than results achieved is misplaced. Runaway spending must be stopped.


Americans need a break from the staggering inflation rates we are experiencing. It is imperative that we enforce responsible spending and reasonable policies to fight inflation to bring down our cost of living.


We need to ensure that the tools necessary for individuals to rise up and fulfill their entrepreneurial potential are in place in our communities. We must limit government regulation and allow the market to naturally drive the issues.


My mom was a teacher for 35 years. I know firsthand that learning depends on quality teachers. We need to ensure tax dollars actually reach the classroom to advance student learning. I support giving our children the best possible education that involves transparency and engagement between teachers, parents, and students.

Government Efficiency

We can achieve government efficiency by balancing the budget, creating partnerships to strengthen the state, and removing redundancies and unnecessary programs.


I am in favor of promoting a balanced budget and paying down state debt. We can accomplish this by working to control government spending by identifying unnecessary programs and ensuring responsible spending. 


Americans are taxed more than they should be and lower taxes to enable and empower the taxpayers. Tax reform is needed in the state to create a simpler, more transparent tax code so that Kansans know where their money is being spent. 


Our healthcare system is in need of an innovative approach that incorporates a free market, competition, and a patient-focused approach. We need healthcare policies that allow for personal choice and competition that will provide lower costs and quality care.

Public Safety

I am committed to ensuring the safety of our Kansas communities and creating a framework to fight crime. With the help of our local law enforcement, we can ensure the safety of our communities for our children and grandchildren.

Public Safety | Illinois Institute of Technology


As a retired Army Colonel, I understand the importance of providing resources and assistance to those who serve our nation. We must equip our veterans with resources regarding mental health, employment opportunities, and access to veteran benefits.

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